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And its a different kind of festival too. Instead of simply presenting a variety of songs, say, ranging from Renaissance ballads to reggae, the festival attempts to turn them into an interesting, theatrical experience. (In this, the organizers take a leaf out of the book of other festivals in the area that aim at a similar audience with their combination of music and theater, such as the Pomona Valley Theater Festival and the Boscoe Mountain Music Festival in Sonoma.)

Festival posters with & without Sister Rosetta Tharpe's name on it

Whats great about this festival is that it doesnt shut down other genres, it lets you do that in your own village, Hackett says. You can play dub or dancehall and most people dont even know its there. You can sing along to a vinyl record or you can dance to an old Southern soul. The point is that the future is not only in computersits in every human being that has a spark.

Its hard to argue against that kind of experience. And if the memory of the documentary festival remains fresh, Hackett and his team had better be ready for a slew of new festivals to sweep the nation.

"Comic relief!" is the fond way one festival-goer described the end of the evening. It was music of all descriptions and styles, performed by an amalgam of musicians that included: (in chronological order): 3d9ccd7d82

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