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David Pea Dorantes - Orobroy (1998) FLAC !FREE!

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David Pea Dorantes - Orobroy (1998) FLAC !FREE!

David Pea Dorantes: The Romani Pianist Who Created Orobroy

If you are a fan of flamenco music, you may have heard of David Pea Dorantes, a Romani pianist and composer from Andalusia, Spain. He is known for his innovative and expressive style of playing the piano, influenced by Debussy and jazz. His first album, Orobroy, released in 1998, was a breakthrough in the flamenco scene, receiving both critical and public acclaim.

Orobroy is a word in CalÃ, the language of the Spanish Roma people, that means "my thought" or "my soul". The album consists of 12 tracks, each one representing a different aspect of Dorantes' musical and personal journey. The title track, Orobroy, is a beautiful and emotional piece that combines the piano with the voice of his father, Pedro PeÃa, a renowned flamenco singer.

The album also features other collaborations with prominent artists such as Lole Montoya, Alba Molina, Susheela Raman, El Barrio, ArcÃngel, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, and Josà MercÃ. The music is a fusion of flamenco rhythms and melodies with classical and jazz elements, creating a unique and original sound.

Orobroy is available in FLAC format, which is a lossless audio codec that preserves the quality and fidelity of the original recording. If you want to enjoy this masterpiece of flamenco piano music in high resolution, you can download it from this link, which also contains more information about David Pea Dorantes and his career.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover one of the most talented and innovative flamenco pianists of our time. Download Orobroy by David Pea Dorantes today and let his music touch your soul.

David Pea Dorantes was born in 1969 in Lebrija, a town in the province of Seville, Spain. He comes from a family of flamenco artists, such as his father Pedro PeÃa, his uncle Juan PeÃa "El Lebrijano", and his cousin Pedro Ricardo MiÃo. He started playing the piano at the age of seven, and soon showed a natural talent and a passion for music.

He studied classical piano at the conservatory of Seville, where he also learned harmony and composition. He was influenced by classical composers such as Debussy, Ravel, and Chopin, as well as jazz musicians such as Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Chick Corea. He also developed a deep love and respect for flamenco, the music of his roots and culture.

He began his professional career as a pianist and composer in 1992, collaborating with various flamenco artists and groups. He also performed in prestigious festivals and venues around the world, such as the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, the Festival de Jerez, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Carnegie Hall, and the Royal Albert Hall.

He released his first solo album, Orobroy, in 1998, which was a milestone in his career and in the history of flamenco. The album was praised by critics and audiences alike, who recognized his originality and creativity. He received several awards and nominations for his work, such as the Premio Nacional de Música (National Music Award) in 2000.

He continued to explore new musical horizons with his subsequent albums: Sur (2001), which was recorded in Paris, Seville, and Sofia; Sin Muros! (2012), which featured collaborations with musicians from different genres and cultures; Paseo a Dos (2015), which was a duet with the French cellist Renaud Garcia-Fons; and El Tiempo por Testigo (2018), which was a tribute to his father Pedro PeÃa.

David Pea Dorantes is considered one of the most influential and innovative flamenco pianists of our time. He has created a unique style that combines tradition and modernity, flamenco and jazz, emotion and technique. He has also inspired many other pianists who have followed his footsteps, such as Diego Amador, Chano DomÃnguez, Dorantes de Lebrija, Alfonso Aroca, and MarÃa Toledo. ec8f644aee

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