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Where To Buy Bali Bras

For additional comfort and support options, explore innovative Bali underwire bras, including minimizers, T-shirt, back-smoothing, and strapless bras. Bali also has you covered with easy-to-wear front-close bra and post-surgery bra styles, so you feel confident and beautiful every day.

where to buy bali bras

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Most of our picks are available in a wide range of colors (including multiple shades of nude) and sizes, and you can find even more options to fit a variety of body types and styles in Other good bras. To help you find what works for you, we also offer advice on what makes a great bra, how to measure bra size, and how to care for your bra.

Many startups can offer only limited size ranges due to economies of scale, but ThirdLove bras have cup sizes from AA to H and a 32- to 44-inch band. This impressive range is comparable to those of larger, much-more-established brands, such as Cacique, Soma, and Wacoal. ThirdLove is also the only brand we tested that offers half-cup sizes. (Though, be warned: No matter how many incremental size options are available, you still may have to try on a few different sizes to get a perfect fit.)

Sizes: AA to DDD cup, 30- to 40-inch bandColors: light gray, black, light brown, light pinkReturn policy: unlimited, free returns for bras and bralettes

Who this is for: The full-coverage Harper Wilde Base Bra has deep cups that are especially well suited to larger breasts. Our testers who wear sizes 42D and 34F gave it 5 and 4 (out of 5), respectively. This bra worked well for smaller sizes, too. Our 34A tester found it to be a good choice for days when she wanted more coverage than skimpier bras provide, and she also rated it a 5.

My favorite part about this bra is that the strap-adjustment sliders are in front, so you can easily move them up and down without having to reach behind your back (a seemingly no-brainer detail that most bras lack). It also has a small hook on the back to easily switch the straps into a racerback design, for extra support or to keep the straps from sliding down your shoulders. The Harper Wilde Base Bra has a supportive underwire and a sleek, stretchy, adjustable band. The lightly lined, molded cups are pillowy-soft, gently cradling breasts and creating a smooth silhouette beneath shirts or dresses.

We also appreciated the extra-stylish touches on this bra. The gore (the part on a bra that joins the two cups together) has a unique, criss-cross detail that adds some interest compared with similar, no-frills bras we tried. And though the Base is definitely a full-coverage bra (no chance of nip-slipping here), the deep neckline and wide-set straps work well under skimpier tops and allow for some airflow. The Base comes in an impressive range of sizes and seven color options (three are limited edition).

Why we love it: This bralette is our choice for working from home or running a few errands, providing even more support than our other bralette picks (and about as much as most underwire bras). The Embraceable bralette offers more coverage and a wider size range than most of our other picks, too; it is an easy everyday bra that may work better for people with fuller chests, since it sizes up to an H cup.

Some full-coverage bras we tried tended to have fussy details like lace or bows, but the Embraceable has a beautifully streamlined, simpler silhouette. The neckline plunges into a deep V, leading to a wide seam on the front that provides a bit of extra separation between the breasts. The cups are unlined, though fully opaque, and a thin layer of fabric sewn into the outer corners of the cups adds some side-boob shaping.

After finishing our research, we decided to consider bras from some of the oldest names in the business (including Bali, founded in 1927, and Wacoal, founded in 1949), as well as some that have been around for less than a decade (such as Cuup, Harper Wilde, Lively, Negative, ThirdLove, and True & Co). We decided it was imperative to test the mettle of these startups (which tend to be more heavily marketed) against several more-established companies, to see whether the quality of their bras and overall buying experience lived up to the hype.

You can also send old bras to B.R.A., a for-profit recycling agency that employs a patented process for recycling bras into commercial carpet padding. A single-use recycling label for one bra can be printed for free, while options for sending multiple bras range from $5 to $15. (The agency also partners with brands like Cuup to offer even more mail-in recycling options). Once received, underwires are extracted, and proceeds from their recycling are donated to breast cancer research. Plastic components are separated and sent to bottle-top companies, and textiles and padding are upcycled into carpet padding.

The Cacique Smooth Boost Plunge Bra and the Cacique Smooth Lightly Lined Balconette Bra both come in a truly impressive range of sizes (Plunge: B to H cup, 34- to 50-inch band; Balconette: B to K cup, 32- to 54-inch band). However, the fabrics on both bras felt rigid compared with those of our picks.

The Cosabella Soire Confidence Bralette and the Cosabella Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette are available in a wide range of colors (22 and four, respectively) and sizes. The Soire comes in sizes S to L (which translates as an A to a D cup, with a 32- to 36-inch band), and the Curvy version comes in XS to XL (which translates as a DD to an H cup, with a 30- to 40-inch band). But these bras are made of one of the roughest fabrics of any we tested, and the triangular cups were unflattering on most of our testers.

All of the bralettes we tested from Hanky Panky (the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Removable Pad Bralette, now unavailable, and the Hanky Panky Supima Cotton Padded Bralette) come in a narrow range of colors and sizes. Their thin straps and bands provided hardly any support. A representative from the company told us that even the size L bras are not supportive enough for people who wear anything above a B cup.

Plaintiffs, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union and Local 600 of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (jointly "plaintiff" or "Union"), have filed a verified complaint pursuant to Section 301 of the Labor Management Relations Act, 29 U.S.C. sect. 185, and a petition for a temporary restraining order pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 65(b) against defendants, The Bali Company and Bali Foundations, Inc. (jointly "defendant" or "Bali"). On November 17, 1986 a hearing was held, at which all parties were present, to address plaintiff's petition to enjoin defendant from closing its brassiere manufacturing plant in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. After considering the pleadings, evidence and oral arguments of the parties, we grant plaintiff's petition and will issue a temporary restraining order enjoining Bali from halting operations, laying off employees and closing its garment manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico.

For many years Bali has maintained a plant in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico for the manufacture of brassieres. The plant cuts and sews "Bali brand" bras, which is its top quality line, as well as bras sold at lower prices. The Puerto Rico plant presently employs approximately 300 workers who are members of the Union. Many of *1085 these employees are highly skilled and long-time workers.

Since Buffalo Forge, it is well established that federal district courts retain the authority to issue a "status quo" or "reverse Boys Market" injunction to restrain the actions of an employer in aid of arbitration. See Local Lodge No. 1266, etc. v. Panoramic Corp., 668 F.2d 276 (7th Cir. 1981) (cases cited therein); see also, Teradyne, Inc. v. Mostek Corp., 797 F.2d 43 (1st Cir.1986) (injunction awarded Federal Arbitration Act case). Injunctive relief is available in aid of arbitration where the underlying dispute is subject to mandatory arbitration under the labor contract and where it is necessary to prevent arbitration from being rendered meaningless. Panoramic, supra, 668 F.2d at 283. As in all Boys Markets situations the traditional requirements of equity must also be met before an injunction can issue: 1) likelihood of success on the merits; 2) irreparable harm; and 3) balance of hardship. Id.; International Detective Service, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 614 F.2d 29, 31 (1st Cir.1980).

Our conclusion about Bali's decision to close the Río Piedras plant finds support in cases of similar employer action where the courts have held that monetary damages was not an adequate remedy and that the union members would be irreparably harmed if an injunction not issue. Panoramic, supra, 668 F.2d 276 (sale of corporate assets); Teamsters Local 71 v. Akers Motor Lines, Inc., 582 F.2d 1336 (4th Cir. 1978), cert. denied, 440 U.S. 929, 99 S. Ct. 1266, 59 L. Ed. 2d 485 (1979) (partial liquidation of business); Lever Brothers Co., supra, 554 F.2d 115 (4th Cir.1976) (relocation of plant); Bakery Drivers Local 802 v. S.B. Thomas, Inc., 99 L.R.R.M. 2253 (E.D. N.Y.1978) (subcontracting of union work); Columbia Typo-Graphical Union No. 101 v. Evening Star Newspaper Co., 100 L.R. R.M. 2394 (D.D.C.1978) (termination of business); Food Employees Local 590 v. National Tea Co., 346 F. Supp. 875 (W.D. Pa.), remanded without opinion, 474 F.2d 1338 (3d Cir.1972) (sale of business); Technical, Office & Professional Workers Local 757 v. Budd Co., 345 F. Supp. 42 (E.D. Pa.1972) (relocation of corporate headquarters).

Bali argues that if it is forced to keep the plant open it would operate at a loss and, more importantly, may lose import quotas for plants it has in other countries with a resulting loss of the market to competitors. That Bali will lose import quotas and a market for bras in a short period of time is, at this point, nothing more than a conclusory argument by the company. No concrete evidence has been presented to this issue. Furthermore, Bali admits it has another two weeks of work left at the Río Piedras plant. Pursuant to Rule 65(b) a temporary restraining order may endure no more than ten days. A hearing for a preliminary injunction has been set in this case following that ten day period. Bali may come with evidence to support its claim to hardship at that time. 041b061a72

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