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Around September 2012 the company stated that for their new Replicator 2 they "will not share the way the physical machine is designed or our GUI".[51] This departure from the previous open-source hardware model was criticized by part of the community,[52] including co-founder (and now former employee) Zachary Smith.[15]The fifth generation of printers (new Replicator, Mini and Z18) are significantly more closed than previous models. With these models, MakerBot transitioned from open source hardware controllers, extruders, and firmware to proprietary versions of the above. They also changed print file formats from the S3G format used by earlier printers to the new .makerbot format.[citation needed]

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Do NOT get a makerbot, its overpriced for what it does. It can ONLY print pla. It has no heated bed, so PLA will possibly have warped corners also. The Lulzbot has a heated bed with PEI that can print PLA easily. It can also print a variety of other materials such as ABS, nylon, PETG, T-glase, all of which need a heated bed. You can also swap the extruder to print flexible materials. 041b061a72

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