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Control Systems Engineering By Nagrath And Gopal 5th Edition Free 69l


This textbook covers all vital theoretical foundations of the field of control systems, providing a unifying perspective with a view to the interactions between the different aspects of modern control theory. It is a perfect stepping stone for higher level graduate level courses in the area of control systems in both electrical and mechanical engineering, and of systems engineering. While having the ability to cover the material in depth to the readers' satisfaction. Please note that the reader is assumed to have a basic understanding of control engineering. The book has been designed to be used as a reference source for those preparing for professional accreditation in the field. The reader is also assumed to be familiar with mathematical and numerical analysis up to a certain level.

Linear systems theory plays a central role in the analysis of linear control systems, but due to its close connection with the fields of numerical analysis, operator theory, and functional analysis, many of the important concepts have to be developed for linear systems theory itself. The authors adopt a multi-volume approach, considering first the state space formulation of the system. A rich mathematical theory of controllable and observable systems is developed. This includes the use of state-space representations and Lyapunov functions to demonstrate the stability and, for well-behaved systems, the stability of the estimated states. The interplay of the system matrix and controller gain is examined in depth, leading to the development of the general linear quadratic regulator and its connection with the linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control law. Further topics include the asymptotic stability and passivity analysis of autonomous nonlinear systems. 3d9ccd7d82

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