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Backyard Wrestling Dont Try This At Home WORK

The goal of backyard wrestling is largely to use the environment to defeat an opponent. The gameplay could be better described as a cross between classic pro wrestling video games and 3D platform fighting like Power Stone.

Backyard Wrestling Dont Try This At Home

The game has a "Story" like mode, entitled "Talk Show Mode" circling around a show called "Today's Topic", which resembles The Jerry Springer Show. The talk show host, a nameless character that resembles Kevin Gill, one of the game's creators, interviews different victims and personalities of backyard wrestling. After the interview, the character is placed where the victim is and will fight three other backyard wrestlers. They will face three opponents with one health bar.

Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at HomeDeveloperParadox DevelopmentPublisherEidos InteractiveDate released2003/2004GenreSportsRatingsMature (M)ModesSingle Player, MultiplayerPlatformsPlaystation 2, XboxBackyard Wrestling is a video game developed by Paradox Development, and published by Eidos Interactive in 2003 for Xbox and PlayStation 2. The goal of backyard wrestling is largely to use your environment to defeat your opponent.

Also this game featured FMVs that you could unlock by completing certain objectives while fighting in the different venues. Mostly they are taken from the "Backyard Wrestling" DVD series, and they have the different songs of the game playing in the background. The first one on the backyard level was "Backyard Babes 101", which contained the backyard babes near-naked over Bowling For Soups' song "Punk Rock 101", featured on their "Drunk Enough To Dance' album. Mud pools, water pools and sun tan lotion are all featured in this clip. Other FMVs, like "Collateral Damage" and "Kids Today..." are also featured, including 2 clips of ICPs wrestling promotion, JCW, with 2 of their songs playing in the background.

The game had a "Story" like mode, entitled "Talk Show Mode" circling around a show called "Today's Topic". The talk show host, a character that resembled Kevin Gill, one of the game's creators, interviewed different victims and personalities of backyard wrestling. After the interview, your character would be placed where the victim was and you would fight 3 other backyard wrestlers. You had to face 3 opponents with one health bar.

In small towns and suburbia, children inspired by professional wrestling are holding backyard wrestling matches. Some are also making their own home movies and posting the video on the Internet. One Web site alone lists more than 600 backyard wrestling federations, and every week the site hears from about 50 more.

Good Morning America's parenting contributor Ann Pleshette Murphy said boys are particularly prone to macho activities like wrestling, and that it is difficult to keep them from roughing each other up. But she disagreed with the backyard wrestlers' claims that their pastime keeps them away from other trouble, such as drugs or alcohol.

Doctors have said that the backyard wrestlers have potential for serious injuries, including head injuries, brain damage, spine injury and paralysis. Nearly two dozen professional wrestlers have been killed since 1995. And one Chicago teen was left paralyzed after trying a professional wrestling move.

Murphy says that if your children watch professional wrestling on television, parents should sit down with them and point out that what they are seeing is choreographed, and that there are public service announcements to not try it at home.

Mrs. Mische traded snow for an orange tree in the backyard of her manufactured home one of 200 in an over-55 community in the town of Punta Gorda. "It's a new life I've created," she exults. "It's wonderful."

That compares to $297 for those on Medicaid and $156 for those with private insurance. But in an effort to control Medicaid spending for prescription drugs, more than half of states are changing their policies for 2003, with the likely result that seniors who qualify for this program will now be paying more of the total cost. Another need that eventually affects all retirees is housing. Charlotte County has begun building apartments for lower- income seniors who can no longer afford to maintain their own homes. They pay about $600 a month for a two- or three-bedroom apartment. The first complex includes 225 apartments, and more are on the drawing board.

I brought with me a large number of people from Arkansas today. And I would like to mention them and a few others because I would like to begin by telling you that in these last 8 years, over 460 people from our home State worked in this administration and helped to make America a stronger country, and I am very grateful to all of them.

I'd also like to just acknowledge a few people. As I said, some of them are here, and some of them aren't. Bob Nash, who's been with me for 21 years, and his wonderful wife, Janis Kearney, my diarist, who's here. Nancy Hernreich, who's not here, who's been with me since I first ran for attorney general and has worked for me for 15 years, just got married to the brother of Montine McNulty, from Pine Bluff, and is about to move with him to Hong Kong; Stephanie Streett, my wonderful scheduler, who's going to be working with me here in Arkansas; Craig Smith, who did a great job in handling appointments here and was my political director, came home to actually work this trip, to go out at the grassroots where he began. I want to thank Mike Gaines, who ran the Parole Commission, still is; Ken Smith; Mike Gauldin; Jana Prewitt; Jim Bob Baker, who's done a great job in the Agriculture Department; Maria Haley; Robyn Dickey; young Debra Wood, who's been with me the whole 8 years, just working like a beaver in the White House; Mel French, our protocol chief and, for many years, her deputy, David Pryor, Jr.; and Marsha Scott, who has kept in touch with so many of you for me over these last 8 years.

I want to thank Wilbur Peer and Harold Gist. I want to thank Caroll Willis, who's been at the Democratic Committee this whole time, who's been wonderful beyond my words to say; and Lottie Shackelford, thank you. Debbie Willhite and Ada Hollingsworth came home, and they helped us in a lot of ways, even though they weren't strictly on the payroll.

I'd like to thank Hillary. If she hadn't moved to Arkansas and married me, I doubt the rest of this trip would have happened. She was a great first lady for this State. She did an amazing job in Washington and did things that no one has ever done that will benefit this country for decades to come. And I am so proud of her, I could pop today. I want you to remember when she does great things in the United States Senate, she learned all of her politics wrestling with you. [Laughter]

The second thing I'd like to say is, I think that it's very important that we keep trying to refine the partnership between the National Government and the States in the area of economic development. Except for education, I guess I worked harder on just trying to get and keep jobs when I was here than anything else, and a lot of you worked very closely with me. I'm very grateful for the progress that has been made, and I'm especially grateful that we have got a focus now on the people and places that have been left behind. Because, in spite of this long recovery, there are still places in mountain counties in Appalachia and in north Arkansas, there are places in the Mississippi Delta and other rural areas, there are innercity neighborhoods, and worst of all, a lot of our Native American reservations, where you can't tell there has been an 8-year recovery. I was on the Pine Ridge Reservation a little over a year ago in South Dakota, which is near Mount Rushmore, and one of the most historic places in all American Indian culture. The unemployment rate there is 72 percent. And as a result, all the social indicators are terrible. There are a lot of problems there. But intelligence is evenly distributed. I was taken around there by a young girl who had to move out of her home, was taken in by friends, living in the back of a trailer where there were, like, 11 people living. She was one of the most intelligent young people I met in the whole 8 years I was President. She deserves the same future everybody else does. 041b061a72

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