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Abyss Chroma 16x

The goal of the deck is to produce an insane amount of goat tokens and then destroy your opponents with them. The best way to get goat tokens is via the Springjack Shepherd. Every time it comes into play it's chroma trigger happens and you get a bunch of goats. And the best way to do that is by blinking him Ad Nauseam. Then boosting their power in various ways to make them real threats. After that you just run over everyone with your terrifying goats from hell!

Abyss Chroma 16x

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Flickerwisp: This is a solid boost to your chroma count and has a 3 power to make some nice evasive aggression on the battlefield. Best of all, when it comes into play, you can use this to slow blink your Springjack Shepherd to get more goat tokens. Alternatively, you can use it to blink your Kithkin Harbinger if you have plenty of goats.Galepowder Mage: This creature is another great high power flyer. More importantly, it will let you blink your Springjack Shepherd once per turn! And it can be tutored up with your Kithkin Harbinger. Remember, even though you would like to use it on your shepherd, it can also get rid of a pesky blocker temporarily by exiling them out of the way so you can attack.Kithkin Harbinger: This card really ups your tempo and gets you what you need to win. Not only can it tutor up your Springjack Shepherds which is it's main role in the deck but it can also be used to tutor up any of your other kithkin cards depending on what you need. That gives it a total of 15 cards it can go after which is amazing and can stabilize your strategy in whichever way you need it to.Knight of Meadowgrain: This is an incredible staple in this deck. Between first strike and lifelink this card will nearly single-handedly crush any kind of weenie aggro strategy against your deck. They will be nearly always relevant during the game. Adding any kind of anthem or lord effect like from Nobilis of War or Glorious Anthem will just make them that much better. And they are tutorable with your Kithkin Harbinger and they bring 2 chroma to the battlefield. Just a great card in this shell.Mistmeadow Witch: Another tutorable kithkin that brings something major to the table. This wizard makes sure you never run out of blink effects in the deck and once you bring one of these online your victory becomes kind of inevitable. It can be done at instant speed during your opponent's turn which is excellent.Nobilis of War: This is the "Lord" of the deck. Not only does it bring a whopping 5 chroma to the battlefield but it's ability suddenly makes your goat tokens your win condition by boosting their power when they attack. And, if you did not notice, that chariot is being pulled by some more awesome goats!Soul Warden: The only thing better than producing a silly amount of tokens is gaining lives while doing it! This is a perfect 1 drop for the deck. It ruins a burn deck's ability to push through damage to whip your life total down before you crush them beneath the hooves of your goats.Mirror Entity: I have added this to the deck following a user suggestion to try it out. It is replacing Ajani Goldmane and 1 copy of Oblivion Ring. Ajani underperforms in this deck and was only there to provide a little Alt-win and vigilance. As a one of in the deck it really never shined in the deck.Springjack Shepherd: This card is the center of the deck and the main way to produce goats. Play them, protect them and blink them as often as possible. It even adds 1 point of chroma on it's own to make sure you get at least one goat. This is your main tutor target as well.

Momentary Blink: This card is the main way you blink your Springjack Shepherd to get more goats. Remember, you can also do it defensively to protect your creatures from removal as well. And, having flashback, lets you get twice the use out of your 4 copies. Use them and win.Turn to Mist: A couple copies of this card to reinforce your blink count in the deck. Works just like Momentary Blink.Glorious Anthem: Drop this and your goats become a powerful army to assault your enemies. It also adds a nice bit of chroma to the field for your Springjack Shepherds.Oblivion Ring: The main source of removal in the deck. The reason the rings are here instead of another card is that it adds to your chroma count even as it is used as removal.Akroma's Memorial: This card completes the inevitability of the deck and the humiliation of your opponents. What better way to win than turning all of your goat tokens into 4 legged copies of Akroma, Angel of Wrath? This card nearly insures you will win every game you play.Ajani Goldmane: This card is so good in this deck. Boosts your chroma. Adds counters to your goats. And gains you lives if you need it. You will never need his ultimate and his number two ability is all you need besides goat tokens to win.Emeria, The Sky Ruin: If the game goes long, this card just keeps bringing back your threats and will eventually out-power your opponent's removal.Springjack Pasture: I cannot explain how good this card is. It taps for mana. It keeps giving you goats if your shepherds get hated out. And, finally, it will let you cast anything you have by dint of sacrificing any number of goats to get the mana you need to play your cards. Not only that, but it even throws some free life into the mix. Combined with your Springjack Shepherds and blink effects you can have some extremely explosive turns. Remember, you can sacrifice goat tokens to it even if they just came into play that turn. 041b061a72

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