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The Golden Enclaves By Naomi Novik

Novik performs the amazing feat of jugging several plot threads and not letting any of them fall to the wayside as the story progresses. In fact, every plot thread is equally important because El and her friends all care about them equally. It is also clear from the first page that every plot thread will be connected, but knowing that does not ruin any of the surprises of the novel. Continuing from the previous novels, El is still in possession of the golden sutras, a book of spells for creating new magical enclaves, safe from the mundane world and the monsters that are constantly hunting mages. However, without Orion, El has fallen into a depression, remaining at home instead of travelling the world like they had planned. Meanwhile, a mysterious maleficer has apparently taken her place in a prophecy to destroy the existing enclaves, releasing maw-mouths throughout the world. On top of that, El and her friends quickly realize they much return to the Scholomance so El can kill the maw-mouth which has consumed Orion Lake, allowing him finally die.

The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik


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