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[S5E13] How The 'A' Stole Christmas

The next day, Spencer is freaking out over Bethany's parents. The girls are trying to console her. They decide to try to crack Ali's alibi to prove she is responsible for Mona's murder. Spencer and Emily go over to the DiLaurentis home to snoop. While Emily goes to the kitchen to find her mom's "borrowed" muffin tray, Spencer speaks with Jason. She finds it hard to believe that Ali was with Jason and their father on the day Mona went missing, despite it being Thanksgiving. "I know she's your sister, but so am I. She set me up, Jason. I'm going to go to jail because of her. Somebody's dead because of her," Spencer pleads. By Jason's face, Spencer may have gotten through to him. She doesn't seem to think so and returns home with Emily just as worried as ever. Emily reveals she stole Ali's hairbrush at the house, hoping to create false evidence by planting a couple hairs at Mona's house. It would weaken Ali's alibi and is Emily's last-minute effort to save Spencer.

[S5E13] How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Why you should re-watch: Plenty of fans regard this episode as one of the best of the series -- it's certainly one of the most intense. It puts the Liars through some serious trauma -- being kidnapped and held captive for three weeks -- and leads them closer to a mysterious character, Charles, who is confirmed to be the Big A who stole the game from Mona. The doll motif is huge in the later part of the series and with all of the protagonists literally trapped in a doll house for this episode, there's a lot to dissect.

Susan goes to the hospital to discovered what Lois has done and is angry with her for going with the surgery. She explains that it's a pathetic attempt on Lois's part to try and stay ahead of her. The doctor tries to convince Susan to take the kidney, but it falls on deaf ears. Hal confronts Lois for being that stupid to try and save her life by giving up one of her kidneys. He points out that he knows Susan too well that she'd refuse and that Lois should've cut her losses. She refuses, pointing out that Susan is still her sister. Hal still disagrees with and reminds Lois how much Susan hates her. Overhearing this, she agrees with his assessment. Susan announces she'd rather die than to accept a kidney from Lois who had willingly stolen the love of her life away from her and made everyone's life a living hell. Lois tells Susan good luck because Victor is in the afterlife. She tells Lois off that she'd rather take her chances with their dad than accept the kidney from her. Susan mentions that unlike him, Lois never loved her enough to respect her wishes for death and thinks she's just doing this intentionally to prolong her suffering. She still demands that Lois honors her request for death and let her join Victor in the afterlife. Lois maintains her stance in refusing and asks Susan to take the kidney from her because despite their past problems, she does love her. Susan begrudgingly takes the kidney, but still prefers death.

The episodes that centered on Hanna and Caleb were always entertaining and satisfying and the two often stole the show even when they weren't the main focus. There are a lot of notable episodes featuring the duo but these stick out as the most important episodes that tell the love story of Hanna and Caleb. 041b061a72

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