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Buy Bernina Sewing Machine Online


Buy Bernina Sewing Machine Online

People who sew professionally and home sewers looking for a long-term investment often turn to Bernina for the ultimate high-quality, long-lasting sewing machine. If you want a machine that runs like a Swiss clock and features all the latest innovations and software, Bernina has exactly what you need! You may want to do some serious research before committing to this investment, though, because Bernina sewing machine prices are as high as the quality of their legendary machines.

Bernina sewing machine prices run from a mere $200 for an entry-level model to a whopping $25,000 for an advanced quilting model. The average price for most of the Bernina models lies around the $1,000 range. The company charges high prices because of the quality design and durable parts used in their machines.

Bernina International AG lays claim to a long history of quality sewing machine innovation. Founded in 1863 by Karl Freidrich Gegauf, the Swiss company got its start as the purveyors of the first sewing machine that could use a hemstitch.

Depending on the frame option you select, the Bernina Q20 and Q24 models can cost up to $25,000! The Q series offers a range of models mounted on either quilting frames or smaller tables. The Q20 looks like a sewing machine on top of a fancy ping-pong table. It comes attached to a computer screen that provides digital thread control and an easy selection of quilting stitches.

In the late 1980s, Bernina launched an offshoot brand, the Bernette line of sewing machines. These machines all operated mechanically until 2019. At that point, the company upped the game and introduced the Bernette 70 line.

You can find used Bernina sewing machines at an incredibly wide range of prices, depending on the model you search for and its age. A pre-owned Bernina 830 in uncertain condition might go for under four thousand dollars on eBay.

Aside from the brand new 880 PLUS and the 790 already mentioned, the Bernina 570 gives you a solid, all-around embroidery and sewing machine that will meet all your needs. This machine operates via touchscreen and has a jumbo bobbin perfect for large-scale embroidery projects. It also offers the essential Bernina Stitch Regulator and dual-feed options that make sewing on tricky fabrics a breeze!

Bernina sewing machines cost as little as four hundred dollars and as much as $25,000 brand new! The company offers a less complex line of machines under the Bernette brand name for a lower price range. They also offer some of the most advanced sewing machines in the world for much higher prices.

Sewing may be your favorite hobby, but you do not want to spend a lot on a sewing machine. That is an okay concern as you can get a top sewing machine for a reasonable price. Bernina has quite a few waiting for you to look at and take home.

To get the info on how much a Bernina sewing machine costs and the answer to are they worth it, just continue to read our article. It covers the topic and answers the question if the Bernina sewing machine is worth its sale price.

The company uses an all-steel bobbin system and other great parts that are durable and able to stand up against the test of time. These machines also provide a real sewing atmosphere which is a good contribution to your sewing time.

Also, the machines seem to work effortlessly no matter what sewing project you throw its way. When you look at the price tag for a Bernina sewing machine, you know you are paying for the quality you want.

Plus, the Bernina machines come with top of the line features that help you be decorative without losing a lot of time. Those are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a Bernina sewing machine.

Yes they are worth the money. One thing you will find in a Bernina sewing machine is tradition. That tradition is a family one and their family reputation depends on the quality of the product they produce.

Besides family tradition and a long history in making sewing machines, Bernina also takes the time to research its products to make sure the right construction materials are used. They know that if their machines break too easily, they will lose customers and revenue to their competitors.

All the products produced by the company, are developed and tested as prototypes in the Steckborn plant. The Thailand plant only manufactures the sewing machines delegated to it. It usually takes no part in the design, etc., of any of the prototypes it manufactures.

A good second best to the list would be the B880 series. This product is also made at the Swiss plant and the reasons are obvious. The family-owned company wants to make sure they continue to produce the best sewing machines possible.

If you are a little more budget conscience, then you may want to go with the Bernette B37 model. It comes with a variety of options that you get to pick from. You can customize your sewing machine while paying about $600.

In the final analysis, it is going to be up to you which Bernina model you purchase. You are the one who has to pay for it and use it. That means you should explore the Bernina sewing machine line and find the right one for you and your sewing needs.

The company has an option for you to buy directly from them and you can pick your features which may add to the overall price. Another place you can buy a Bernina machine, online, is found at this link.

Or you can check with the different sewing forums to see where you can find a Bernina for sale. One thing is for sure, the Bernina sewing machine is probably one of the better appliance investments you can make.

The cost of the Bernina sewing machine may be out of your price range but if you get a chance to purchase one, you should take it. These machines are well built and they are built by the last family-owned sewing machine company in the world.

We have many different makes and models of industrial machines for sale. Give us a call or stop by the store and we can set you up with exactly what you need for the job at hand. We offer full Industrial Stand Set-up and Service.Do you need parts or serviceGive us a call during business hours or email us! We will get back to you promptly to help get you back sewing fast.

BERNINA has been shaping the future of the sewing machine industry for 125 years. Founded in 1893 by Karl Friedrich Gegauf, the company stands for Swiss precision, quality and innovation. Today, BERNINA continues to build machines that let your imagination soar.This video takes you on a journey through the history of BERNINA, recalling iconic sewing machines, moments and fashion pieces. Some funny, some serious, all inspirational. Watch the video to travel through time with us!

BERNINA Limited Warranty Definition of BERNINA Limited Warranty: * within the warranty period * original purchaser * damaged due to manufacturer defect * warranty valid only in the country of purchase * used for private & non-commercial application * not abused or neglected * maintained according the maintenance section in the My BERNINA Guide Book * not damaged due to environmental influences; i.e. flooding, earthquake, lighting etc. Warranty Period Overview Product: BERNINA sewing machines Mechanical 20 years, Circuit Boards 5 years, Electrical 2 years Current Model Sewing Machines are 110V/220V Dual Voltage when stamped so on the back of the machine.

Go to a dealer (even if they are far away) that has actual machines on the floor that you can try sewing on. Ask the dealer to explain some of the features of different models so you can figure out which features are important to you.

Hi Rachael,I really enjoyed reading about your experience with the Bernina 475qe sewing machine. It certainly is a little work horse and I love it, too.Thank you much for your kind words and I am so glad that you liked the review.

I have been teaching with and using Bernina machines for my personal sewing machine for the past 30 years. Great machines. The 5.5mm width Bernina machines do not need the dual feed because the feed dogs are fairly close together. When a machine gets a larger stitch width, 7mm or 9mm, you really do need the dual feed or your stitching will be compromised on the more difficult fabrics. The Bernina walking foot #50 is by far the best on the market if you need further help on sewing fur or with quilting lofty projects. I presently have a Bernina 475 and a Bernina 790+, in addition to Bernina 1090s and 1260s in the sewing studios. I have tried other brands of machines, but nothing is more reliable or works as smoothly or stitches as well as the Bernina machines. A real workhorse in a studio with constant use by differently skilled sewists.

I love your comment, explanation, as I am after years deciding to buy myself a good sewing machine, and one of the things I love is getting better at making my quilt(s).You could not have given me a better idea about the 475Q, as I am in that stage thinking/buying a Bernina 475Q, but with your perfect description of this machine, I will look further. I am not in the financial circumstances to swap or add another machine. THANK YOU!!Christine de Jong, Greece

I also bought a 475QE! I so wish that I had seen your article before I did! The year that the 475 QE came out, there were no reviews. Because I am a beginner, the 475QE turned out to be the perfect machine. I wish I had the 800 series but since I needed to buy all sewing tools from scratch, I needed the extra money that buying a 475 QE allowed me to have. I loved buying professional tailor scissors, etc.

Sara has been teaching students how to use their sewing machines, embroidery machines, and sergers since she was 15 years old. She is the face, hands, and voice of's FREE machine mastery videos on YouTube with over 120,000 followers and over 4,000 videos. She is part owner of Heirloom Creations, a premiere sewing machine retailer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.

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