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[S3E8] Made To Suffer

The audience was 'made to suffer' intoxicating levels of excitement as we witness Rick's group storm the prison in search of Glenn and Maggie, Michonne strike her revenge against the Governor, and brothers Daryl and Merle reunite at long last.

[S3E8] Made to Suffer

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The Governor begs Michonne not do it, pleading, "There's no need for her to suffer". With cold-hearted stupidity she kills the undead child, sending the Governor spiralling into savagery as he launches himself at his newfound archenemy.

Outside the town, the rescue group rejoins with Michonne just before realizing that Daryl has not made it back. Rick threatens to kill Michonne for running off, but she explains that he still needs her help.

The episode had a lot of heartbreaking moments, as Merle finally saw the light before his death and even had a chance to apologize to Daryl for the mistakes he had made in the past. Despite how Merle was portrayed in the earlier seasons, viewers were still able to sympathize with his death and recognize the difficult decision that had to be made. While many viewers were disappointed that this episode was not dedicated solely to Merle, the Glenn and Maggie subplot still added to the heartache of the episode.

The group on The Walking Dead is preparing for their next step and Rick is searching for his lost friend. Meanwhile, Daryl and Merle are questioning the decisions they have made. The governor of Woodbury is trying to bring back order to the town and is looking to punish the people who caused the chaos.

This episode of The Walking Dead was filled with tension and suspense. Viewers were on the edge of their seats as they watched the characters go through their difficult decisions and struggles. From Daryl and Merle's inner battle over the choices they made, to the governor's plans to restore order in Woodbury, the episode kept viewers on their toes. Even the comments from viewers reflect the intensity of the episode, with one viewer exclaiming "DAMN YOU, YOU ONE-EYED FUCK!!" and another criticising the character's lack of caution "I hate how stupid these people are. If you know people are coming for you, why the fuck would you be sitting waiting for them to come? Dumb fucks.".

At NYU, Serena drops off a copy of Olivia's Jimmy Fallon interview to her. Embarrassed, Olivia asks if Serena's seen it yet. She says yes, and Olivia explains that Dan hasn't yet and she didn't mean what she said, and it's going to be hard keeping it from him. At that moment, Dan arrives and Serena and Olivia say they were talking about Patrick. He asks Serena if she can get a copy of the Fallon interview, but before Serena can answer, Olivia says she should leave to deal with Patrick. She does, and runs into Blair in the hall. The two dance around the other not apologizing, and throw subtle insults. Blair insists she's made real friends, and Serena replies that she can't wait to meet them that night. When she leaves, Blair realizes she needs to make a new friend quickly before the party. After leaving, Serena tries to call Nate, who ignores her call. Meanwhile, Nate and Tripp are walking along the harbor talking about poll numbers. Nate asks why William can't help, and Tripp says he doesn't want a dirty campaign. Vanessa is also there, filming people asking who they're voting for. At the same time, a man is drowning in the Hudson River. Acting fast, Tripp jumps in and saves him, while Vanessa captures the whole thing on film.

Once the press is gathered, Nate takes the stage and tells everyone that he was the one responsible for the setup, but that Tripp had no idea. Elsewhere, Chuck confronts Serena and tells her that they're growing up and she needs to make things right with Blair or else one day they won't have a chance of their friendship making it. Olivia goes to the loft, and apologizes to Dan for what she said. She explains that her publicist always decides what she's going to say and for once she wanted to be spontaneous and herself. Dan says he found the whole thing funny, and Fallon was right. He admits that there was no spider, and he was so nervous that he kept sweating through his shirt and needed to dry it off with the hand dryer in the bathroom. He continues that he left Scrabble because seeing the interview made him remember that it was their one month anniversary and he needed to prepare a celebration. Later that evening, Tripp thanks Nate for the sacrifice he made when he took responsibility. While they talk, it's revealed by the news that Tripp won the election. The two hug, and Nate tells Tripp he has complete faith in Tripp's ability to lead. Tripp promises Nate that one day he will make things right between them. Nate leaves, and Maureen comes in to congratulate Tripp. Serena finds Blair, and apologizes. Blair tells Serena that she's changed, that she's building a life for herself, with college and Chuck. Serena tries to say that she is too, but Blair is quick to point out Serena'a immature decisions and behavior. Blair finds Brandeis, who admits that she is in fact a prostitute. She then realizes that Brandeis used her to meet new clients, which she doesn't deny. Outside, Serena tries to put Patrick into a car. Patrick invites her to party with him and when Serena says no, he reminds her that she's paid to be seen with him. Realizing she's had enough, Serena writes KC a note saying she quits and sends Patrick off to her office. Afterwards, Blair and Serena make sad eye contact. Inside, Maureen tells William that Nate was brilliant. She reveals to William that she was the one who set up the hoax, and now that everyone is convinced William did it, Tripp is out of his control and able to be his own person. William threatens to tell him, but Maureen reminds him that he doesn't have a lot of credibility anymore and walks away. In Chuck's suite, Blair is waiting for Chuck and tells him she's no longer friends with Brandeis. She tells Chuck he's all she needs and the two cuddle. At NYU, Vanessa reviews the news coverage, with her video and name. At the loft, Olivia and Dan watch Fallon, where he reveals he made a cake for their anniversary to apologize for being hard on Dan. Back at The Empire, Tripp and Serena talk in the bar.. and begin to experience sparks.

There is perhaps an argument to be made that Lower Decks works better as a show about Star Trek fandom than it does as a Star Trek show. Certainly, the way that its characters talk about the universe they inhabit makes more sense as fans affectionately and enthusiastically discussing a fictional universe than it does as Starfleet officers discussing current affairs. In an era where so much media is built around fandom, this is a perfectly valid approach. 041b061a72

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