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One Piece Episode 718

Between episodes 717 and 718 we transition from the Diamante fight to the Zoro versus Pica fight. Pica's always been an interesting opponent, since his powers allow him to travel through the stone that makes up the island and pop up anywhere. It's clear from the outset that Zoro is the stronger swordsman of the two, but Pica's abilities not only allow him to stay out of reach, but reshape the playing field underneath all the other fighters as well. In the earlier match-ups we saw plenty of the combatants jumping back and forth between the giant stone spikes that Pica had uprooted throughout the arc. It's a really neat concept to have an enemy who is basically the island itself, as well as a fight that organically effects the other scenes around it on a large scale.

One Piece Episode 718

Though, there aren't really many other scenes for it to effect anymore, given that all the fights have more-or-less been resolved. For everybody other than Luffy and Law, the battle is over and all that remains is for Zoro to finish his nuisance of an opponent once and for all. We see Pica bring the giant statue version of his body back to life (think something on the scale of Attack on Titan's Colossal Titan) to escape Zoro's reach and attempt to smash King Riku and friends into jelly. The episode leaves us off on a pretty good question: How on earth is Zoro going to reach him? There's a pretty funny montage of scenes where Zoro imagines his options (like jumping really high or calling for help on a snail phone he doesn't have), only for the plan's comically obvious shortcoming to be demonstrated in surprisingly practical terms.

Overall, these are a pair of healthy episodes. I think the Kyros and Rebecca storyline is iffy, since it never seemed like it had a focus and I think the two of them are some of the more vanilla characters of the arc, but it's good to see some resolution finally take shape in a story this overwhelmingly massive. It also feels like a treat to see Zoro get to reign in this little battle arc, since his fights have historically been among the best in the series and this feels like his most dramatic opponent since the time skip, so it'll be fun to see what he does.

Which is where Sylvia is sleeping, when the masked assailant who had previously raped her sneaks in quietly. Sylvia awakens, believing Albert has returned, only to behold her worst nightmare. Desperately seeking to escape, she swings a piece of lumber, succeeding in injuring her attacker and knocking his mask and cap off, revealing him as Irv Hartwig. She tries to run but trips and falls, Irv blocking her escape.

He begins to chase Sylvia up a rickety ladder, which she climbs to try to escape. Albert races in and attacks Irv, but is quickly beaten back. Just then, the ladder breaks under Sylvia's weight and she falls to the ground, losing consciousness. Irv, unconcerned that someone was just badly hurt, picks up a piece of lumber and prepares to strike Albert. He is stopped, however, by a shotgun blast from Hector Webb, who arrived in the nick of time with Charles Ingalls.

While two episodes treat the characters of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Sylvia respectively as adult and child, the two actresses (Melissa Gilbert and Olivia Barash) are actually less than nine months apart in age.

Click through this slideshow to find out what happened in the latest Chicago PD episode for each of your favorite characters. Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments at the end of this article.

While Rojas and Atwater were sitting on surveillance duty, she saw Luis on the camera footage. She chose to delete him from the film; it was a bold move, but would it catch up to her later in this episode? Of course it would.

Although I could see what they were going for, the only portion of the episode that I thought was even remotely decent was the last two minutes or so where it was largely dialogue free and just letting you take in the visuals. Otherwise, the episode is quite the boring slog to get through feeling like 15 minutes have passed by the time Homer & Marge end up in the woods and the show really having very high expectations to try and deal with so much of how Marge sounds lately in one single go!

A surprisingly good episode that kept me engaged and dare I say entertained. Homer and Marge carry the show well and their trials in the woods and with the wolverine were fairly engaging. You can see just how great they are together. The ending with them looking out at the sunset was sweet and lots of great animation all around. It was not a funny episode per say but still enjoyable nonetheless.

On this episode, we delve into the common factors that precipitate civil wars and what can be done to avert their inevitability with Barbara F. Walter, a UCSD political science professor and author of the NYT bestseller How Civil Wars Start: And How to Stop Them. Here, we discuss which societies are particularly vulnerable to civil war, why some countries survive periods of political instability without experiencing civil war while others seem predisposed to violent upheaval, the case being made by some in the United States for a new civil war, and what those of us committed to avoiding this scenario can do to help correct course. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

Miss our conversation about national security, strategic empathy, and the societal benefits of immigration with former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster? Catch up with episode 410: H.R. McMaster The Fight to Defend the Free World here!

[00:00:37] Jordan Harbinger: Welcome to the show. I'm Jordan Harbinger. On The Jordan Harbinger Show, we decode the stories, secrets, and skills of the world's most fascinating people. We have in-depth conversations with scientists and entrepreneurs, spies and psychologists, even the occasional Russian chess grandmaster, mafia enforcer, undercover agent, tech mogul, or economic hitman. And each episode turns our guest's wisdom into practical advice that you can use to build a deeper understanding of how the world works and become a better thinker.

[00:09:42] Barbara F. Walter: So you had groups that perhaps had been shut out of power. They want a piece of the action. They see this opening and they go for it. But we also know that civil wars are more likely when governments are transitioning away from democracy. So you had a once strong democracy, that's becoming more autocratic or that's gaining more autocratic features. Ukraine is an example of that. Its civil war broke out in 2014. And that was at a time when Yanukovych was concentrating power in the hands of the president. You have a higher risk of civil war in those situations.

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[00:31:33] Jordan Harbinger: Well, I've done a lot of shows on this. I actually created a whole playlist of episodes about this. If people want to check it out, it's our disinformation starter pack at It has things with episodes with Renee DiResta, episode 420, which explains all of that, how it works, how she discovered it, and sort of monitors that. She writes about all this.

[01:09:13] If you're interested in factionalism and social media and misinformation, check out our episode with Renee DiResta that's episode 420. Also, we've got a whole playlist on disinformation over at It's worth studying and looking into.

[01:10:35] This show is created in association with PodcastOne. My team is Jen Harbinger, Jase Sanderson, Robert Fogarty, Millie Ocampo, Ian Baird, Josh Ballard, and Gabriel Mizrahi. Remember, we rise by lifting others. The fee for this show is that you share it with friends when you find something useful or interesting. If you know somebody who's been thinking about this, talking about this, or is in denial about this, definitely share this episode with them. The greatest compliment you can give us is to share the show with those you care about. In the meantime, do your best to apply what you hear on the show, so you can live what you listen, and we'll see you next time. 041b061a72

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