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[S8E24] Love That Squid

Grey's Anatomy is an emotional wrecking ball from which no one is safe. After all these seasons, pretty much every hardcore fan has been devastated by the loss of a beloved character. But which character loss is the saddest Grey's Anatomy death? Surely that's subjective, but this ranking is hard to argue with.

[S8E24] Love That Squid

Series creator Shonda Rhimes was never afraid to write off a character, and since Grey's Anatomy has been running for over 300 episodes, the show has been full of countless heart-wrenching deaths that shook viewers to their core. Some were major characters audiences had grown to know and love for seasons, while others were patients who had short but impactful arcs. Regardless, they all hurt like a b*tch.

There have been so many Grey's Anatomy patients over the years that it's easy to forget most of them, but that's certainly not the case with Bonnie. Fans fell in love with the character's sweet nature, even as she knew she was going to die after getting impaled during a train accident. 041b061a72

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